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TakTiMed - Kórházszövetség XXXIV. Kongresszusa Siófok

Kórházszövetség XXXIV. Kongresszusa Siófok 2022.06.01-03.

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We have solution

Procurement of goods

“Do you want to buy new tools, equipment, consumables? Do you need reliable product offers? ”

Design - Construction

“How do we set up a new operating room, a new patient care department, or even an Intensive Care Unit or an Emergency Care Department? Who will assess it, who will plan it, who will create the budget and who will build it?"


Professional support of medical technology for public procurement

"If you do not have a medical technician specialist for your tender to support the contracting authority we will help you."

We are in control of everything

From the demand level survey, we try to meet your professional expectations. We offer a demo option for certain products.


A complete solution

We do the survey, medical technology planning, we prepare the budget and we also do the implementation. The work remains for your hospital is to approve the “colors”.

We will help you!

We have sufficient professional experience to provide adequate professional support to the procurer during the public procurement in order to complete the successful procedure.

Get to know our products

Infusion dock

A stable and ergonomic stand manufactured by Taktimed, on which the infusion pumps can be mounted either on the docking unit or directly on the infusion support rod.

Digital hospital scales

Certified digital measuring devices for accurate weight and height measurement in newborn-infant, child and adult care.

Children’s medical equipment

Make your surgery friendlier so that your little patients are less afraid during the examination.

Fényterápiás és izzadás terápiás eszköz

UV therapy & Daylight PDT

Economical combination of devices for almost all tasks in UV light therapy and sweating therapy.

X ray protection clothing and equipments

The high-quality, comfortable protective clothings and equipments of Medical Index provides the most effective protection for staff and patients against X-rays.

Delivery room equipment

Safe, ergonomic and comfortable childbirth devices with many positive effects on both the mother and the baby.

Rehabilitation & Parks for the Elderly

Extensive solutions for the rehabilitation of locomotor and neurology patients.

Tap water iontophoresis

Tap water iontophoresis is considered the first step in the basic treatment of excessive sweating of the feet, the armpit and the hand.

Multifunctional hospital trolleys

Modular hospital care trolley in a wide range of sizes and colors for multifunctional use.


Extensive solutions for the rehabilitation of locomotor and neurology patients.

Ceiling handrail system

Ceiling or side wall patient handrail system with movable handrail.

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· Safe, efficient and innovative hospital equipment
· We control logistics
· We provide a complete solution
· We help your hospital in the application

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